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Originally Posted by CLBGM View Post
Literally every anime series (or at least 99% of them) is what you are looking for.

And as TerraEpon said, please don't call them "non full-length compositions" ever again.
But I really actually mean that. I'm literally talking about length.

Would this topic have been responded to differently if I said "I'm loking for anime OSTs with longer tracks"? Because we can totally do it that way.

OSTs with longer tracks. OSTs with few(er) timed cues. That kind.

EDIT: a quick addition:
Originally Posted by nextday
Almost every anime soundtrack has it's fair share of shorter cues - even Kanno's.
This actually isn't true. The vast majority of Kanno's anime scores have very few tracks shorter than 2 minutes in length. The few exceptions seem to be special cases, e.g. the Escaflowne movie which has a strict run-time and is a single work rather than a series.

I used Kanno as an example because it's clear she's treated differently by the directors she works with (and maybe that's just the directors? I don't know). Her compositions are completed seemingly without regard to how they actually are going to be used (specific to the scene, as a timed cue), sent off to the studio, and then cut to the show. I like that. I want more of that, specifically. That X-CLAMP album I linked is another good example because it's an omnibus of various composers. Imahori's scores for Trigun and Gungrave are also like this.

Am I making sense?

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