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Arrow Any musicians here that do doujin or doujinstyle songs?

Hey guys, ever since I got sucked into Touhou metal, I've been exploring VGM and the vast community. I write and mix songs quite a bit, and they're definitely influenced by my favorite vocaloid (metal) and Touhou circles. I've done covers before, and my favorite remix I've done so far is "Dr. Wily Theme" from Megaman, using my 8-string guitar.

Just to give an idea of what I do, here's an original song inspired by Yuyoyuppe and other bands:

So are there any of you musicians out there? Or anyone curious to hear people's available remixes? If any of you guys know a community of people for this subject, I'd like to hear about it.

But if there's nothing much to talk about for this, give me some ideas for what I should do for my next remix
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