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Default CX-7046: Choujin Locke ~Honoo no Tora~


The precious DiscLegend's scan back for all the romanizations.
+ see my other scans.

A few remarks:

For the lyrics, Nobuo Hotchi and Kenji Mishiro are only credited on the slipcase back of the vinyl; Anison, Joshinweb and the booklet of the CD print don't mention them (they are not written on the 2 sides of the vinyl too).

Andy [アンディ] has sung the opening/ending themes for "Genesis Climber Mospeada" (+ 2 image songs according Anison):

On the track 5, there's a seiyu's voice who is not credited on Joshinweb, before the song "Tell me". It's maybe Toshiko Fujita, but i'm not totally sure (it's a female voice, in any case).

I found the English title "Tiger of Flame" on another Choujin Locke's album (yes, there are again other CDs for Choujin Locke! ^^):

This one seems to be a drama CD (ref: BVCH-1410). The first volume is Locke the Superman Cosmic Game (BVCH-1409).
If anyone wants to submit them, he can; I'm a bit tired about Choujin Locke's albums now ^^

Also the duration of the tracks on the slipcase back of the vinyl are wrong; I have the tracks on my computer, and the duration of most of them are longer.

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