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I do not have the first pressing of this album, but I do have the first pressings of volumes 2-4, which all have a similar special packaging (with only the color of the opaque plastic case being different), so I'm assuming the first pressing of this volume is the same. If this is the case, which I'm fairly confident it would be, the first pressing has a single sheet of paper that has the "Front" and "Back" on it which sits between the opaque case and the clear slipcover. The later pressing(s) comes in a standard jewel case, so the "Back" would be the standard back of the jewel case. The later pressing(s) also have an obi, which none of my first pressing volumes have, so I'm guessing the first pressing of this volume also didn't have an obi.

I've changed the image descriptions of those that were already uploaded to reflect that they are from the first pressing. The booklet and disc are the same for all the pressings.

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