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Originally Posted by Another Toad View Post
I think that I understand and agree with most of what Shawn is saying here, especially about the original soundtracks of games before and after circa 1995. However, it seems to me that most people are still covering songs from "older" games.

The thing that irritates me is that so many people keep covering the same games (e.g. Mega Man 2, Castlevania 3, Final Fantasy 6, etc.) in the same style. There are lots of great tunes from great games that have not been remixed yet.

I have selected games such as Little Ninja Brothers, Pooyan and Vampire Savior for my songs. If a novice musician like me can always find something different to cover, then imagine what someone with talent could do! LOL
Actually, I think I disagree with shawn here. He does make many good points, like the issue with simpler melodies lending a specific style.

But I think part of the reason why people aren't remixing newer games is because newer games already sound good. There isn't much to add to a fully orchestrated score. Anything that's sequenced will sound inferior to original works like these.

But that doesn't mean people shouldn't try. Most newer songs still have a very simple theme at their core. If you strip away all the instrumentation and start with the most simple melody possible, I don't see why recent songs should be of any lesser caliber than older songs.
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