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Getting back to refining our classifications, here's what I think we've got so far.

Original Soundtrack - Music that accompanies some audio, visual, or printed work.
Arrangement -
Vocal - Any music that includes vocals
Drama - This covers stories, monologues, and radio shows where everyone is in character
Live Event - Music recorded at a live event
Remix - A derived work that uses samples of the original
Original Work - Music that has no connection to any of VGMdb's categories
Talk- This should only be used for tracks where the actors or composers are speaking, but are not in character
Remaster -
Image / Prototype - Music that is related to any of VGMdb's categories, but was not used in it. Image albums and image songs qualify.
Licensed -
Unused - (maybe this should be incorporated into Image/Prototype somehow)
Sound Effect - Also includes voice samples
Silence -
Data -
Video -
I'm not so sure about keeping "Licensed." I know it is meant to cover vocals that also appear on artist albums, but is this the proper term for that kind of arrangement? Is a license signed in this case? What about other cases for certain VGM compostions?

I still need to work on instructive text for the rest of these.
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