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I agree 'image' is a problematic classification since it's a pretty broad concept which could, at its broadest interpretation, include pretty much everything (since even original music for a product is created based on some manner of information about its contents).

But staying within reason I guess it could be divided into two types - music made and released before the product, and music made and released after the product.

The first would include 'image albums' and 'image singles' such as the ones made by Hisaishi and Studio Ghibli. I really have no idea why they make and release these albums - it seems pretty meaningless - unless it's intended to create hype or something. Anyway, image singles will typically not be used in the finished product at all, while at least some tracks from an image album will be, though perhaps in a slightly different form/arrangement.

For the second type I would include any and all albums related to a given product which features all-new music - this is to disallow your typical arrange or vocal album. So examples would be for instance the kind of voice-actress solo albums Konami likes to release (e.g. My Sweet Valentine / Shiori Fujisaki).
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