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Although I know we shouldn't make submitters overwhelmed by the number of classifications to select, part of me also wonders that we should combine multiple classifications so quickly if there is a moderate difference (that wasn't the case with pre-order bonus and early purchase bonus). We can merge unused and prototype, or remaster and so-called demaster later if we realize it's hard to make a decision on which it is. However, I guess prototype is a kind of sub-class of unused, and criterion for making a decision will be from liner notes, track names, or our ears judgement, so I think merging is fine.

As for revamp or demaster (without a satisfactory command of the English language, I'm not the best person to examine the words suggested, but does "revamp" fit how those soundtrack are created?), when I browse only a few of super-famous composer's discographies superficially and drop out something unclear, there are already 20++ albums. Considering that I'm missing quite lots, I feel the eventual number will turn out to be enough to justify having a separate classification for it.

And I honestly merging remaster and demaster is confusing (e.g. if remaster/revamp tag is added, couldn't potentially some people have a wrong idea that the reprint of Vagrant Story features unconverted music like some of Sakimoto's other soundtracks?).
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