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Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
And I honestly merging remaster and demaster is confusing (e.g. if remaster/revamp tag is added, couldn't potentially some people have a wrong idea that the reprint of Vagrant Story features unconverted music like some of Sakimoto's other soundtracks?).
Personally I think your average user doesn't really care where the difference comes, just that it's different. You could add it to the notes, and I doubt there are many cases like VS post-remasterings anyway. The original VS OST sounds different from the game but right now is "Original Soundtrack", that may get people the wrong idea more than 'remastering'.

Also having FF12 as "Image/Prototype" is strange, since the description is "Music that is related to any of VGMdb's categories, but was not used in it. Image albums and image songs qualify". I don't think it conveys clearly that the music is 'tweaked/better' than in the game but still the same music.
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