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Personally I think your average user doesn't really care where the difference comes, just that it's different. You could add it to the notes, and I doubt there are many cases like VS post-remasterings anyway.
I don't deny it. As long as they're informed it sounds different than the in-game music, whether it happened at the pre-recording stage or not may not matter. Then again I wonder if there aren't many cases like VS and can keep it in the note we need "remaster" to begin with (I guess we overlooked some entries like this), but if "remaster" has a separate classification, so does "revamp/demaster". We can merge them later like we did for "Independent". Just my opinion, of course.

The original VS OST sounds different from the game but right now is "Original Soundtrack", that may get people the wrong idea more than 'remastering'.
Aside of "Ifrit", I for one don't think it sound as different as, say, FFXII, so I have no problem with labeling it as Original Soundtrack, but I know it's very subjective. A degree of difference is expected and there are some cases where the composers slightly modified the ultra popular soundtrack in a recording session (FFX-2 or some of Mitsuda) but are classified as Original Soundtrack and people have no issue.

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Also having FF12 as "Image/Prototype" is strange
Definitely agreed, and that's why I suggested "Prototype/Unconverted" instead, but it's still flawed.
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