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Days ago I did an edit to an album because on it, the catalog number was ESCC 28 but on the submission ESCC-28 appeared. Then I was told by Cedille that you were following this standardization, and that this thread exist.

To be honest I'm a bit new on this community, I come also from other music database community (Discogs) and I fully understand each community has his own rules. For example Discogs lacks of fidelity on the capitalization (they are not able to enter titles on all caps or the opposite, except for some releases... so they can't have fidelity to the original tracklistings). Anyway Discogs is focused on one kind of market and VGMdb is on a totally different one. So why I said this as an example?, simply because the first time I've felt VGMdb lacks off some fidelity to the releases is with this standardization: because with it, on a great database like the one this one is, you've lot of incorrect catalog numbers (at the end of the day, the only way to know if the catalog number was really ESCC-28 or ESCC 28 is the scans, and fortunately we've them).

Excuse my english. I just wanted to leave here my opinion, nothing more. I do not want to change anything since VGMdb should follow the public interest and on this moment the public interest is bigger on the standardization point. It's just that in the same way I feel like wanting to help here doing the submissions/edits as I've done (not much to be honest, new here as I said), I also feel like wanting to give one opinion more in this usefull thread.

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