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Thanks for your message, Fearin, I have to admit that I'm pretty ignorant about these legality matters, but here's what brought me to my opinion:

- An album may be split into two parts: album-art, audio.

Now, let's pretend that I've made a digital copy of an album (art+audio). If I just keep it to myself, I'm basically "fine", right? If I decide to upload the music somewhere and allow others to access, I'm welcoming trouble... Why shouldn't I suffer the same fate by doing the same thing with the album-art?

Another kind of take
I often read/hear guys spit with hate/disgust something like: "Do you want to access the music? Go and buy the album!" (sorry for being rude, but you can throw some *fuck* in there). I'd like to remind to these really smart folks, that the stuff works perfectly the other way, too: "Do you want to know about the possible information in the booklet/etc.? Purchase the goddamn thing."

How can some accuse the guy for sharing music, and defend the likes of VGMdb, which are sharing scans? I know I've made a poor choice of words, but I still sense a contradiction taking place.

What I'm going to say isn't strictly related to the matter, but I know a place where mostly complete sets of movie soundtrack/scores's album-art(s) are available for viewing & downloading (in a similar way to VGMdb). For a while all went smoothly, but one day we've read a post from the administrator which just said that due to a request from the "right guys" all the cover art from Varese Sarabande's releases got deleted, and their work was logically forbidden to be added...

Now, having witnessed that happen, I guess that labels - or those who act on their behalf - may actually go and stop you from uploading ANYTHING pertaining their releases... and, obviously, get you in some serious shit if you don't follow their 'instructions'.

VGMdb, with your current situation and past, heh, you're already eligible of the aforementioned "shit". You can't come here and tell accepting digital booklets would be like distributing illegal files and expect me to take you seriously.
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