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Default RahXephon (#2668)

The correct name is "Rahxephon". The capital X is a localization quirk stemming from the appearance of the series's two logos, particularly the one from the eyecatch. You may see a capital X in some Japanese sources, but this is rare and clearly an error unless you choose to argue that the lowercase X is itself an error. Actually, I've personally never seen a capital X in Japanese sources...

This is strikingly similar to the Sailormoon name. In Japan, that name is almost always written as "Sailormoon" whenever possible, which also leads to things such as "Supersailormoon". Spaces were added when the series was localized. With Crystal, spaces were also added. You may also choose to argue that the compound form was always an error, but even if you did there is no clear alternative like there is with Rahxephon's logos.

The end result is that very few people outside of Japan are at all aware of these discrepencies, which means you will never find any real number of "reliable sources" that could support an argument in favor of the correct spellings. Despite being inaccurate, these series will forever be known as "RahXephon" and "Sailor Moon" in English-speaking countries without exception. I guess I'm an exception, but I don't really count.

Fun fact: Rahxephon: Soukyuu Gensoukyoku has a different series logo for no discernable reason.

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