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Originally Posted by TheFantomConvoy View Post
What about Kō Ōtani's Gundam Wing OST? Despite the show, wouldn't that also be a good one?
Notwithstanding my disagreement with the "despite the show" remark, the music from Gundam Wing is fantastic. It's my favorite of the Gundam score, with Seed and Seed Destiny second. 00 is third. I'm not as familiar with the scores from the other series, but X is one I think I would like.

Sailor Moon's music is covered pretty well by the memorial music and song boxes, and Card Captor Sakura is covered pretty well by the 4 OSTs. I can't really recommend anything else.

My favorite Macross disc is the Sharon Apple - Cream Puf album. There a handful of good songs on the two Macross Plus soundtracks, but that isn't comprehensive of the series as a whole.
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