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Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
I'd like to confirm it, but isn't the deletion of media implemented under the new submission system yet? (even admins can't do that, apparently). I didn't know how to deal with this preorder bonus track of this album. Should it have been added as a separate entry while it's only one track? If so, is it possible to roll back Trusted or Staff's edit?
I'd swear that media deletion used to be there, because I remember doing it once. Delete was right by "add", I think.

Is the pre-order bonus track a digital track that is downloaded from the site?

There isn't currently a way to roll-back a staff edit, but with the way the information is logged, it would be possible to implement one for the simple field changes and have it retroactively work for all previous submissions (at least back to where we began logging all edits, which was in 2008 I think.) It wouldn't be possible to undo deletes.
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