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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
There are some pending changes, but they are a bit hard to verify with so many tracks and roooolling staaaart arranges. Hopefully somebody could clarify a bit more which ones are credited, implied, reprises, from which albums, etc.
Daytona USA (Arcade) --> All from this album (
*The Name Entry tracks are the only ones that haven't been properly done, otherwise you'd be seeing six more composers in the respective field.

Daytona USA (Saturn) --> Also done by Mitsuyoshi
* Again, the Name Entry tracks have not yet been properly handled

Daytona USA (Dreamcast [under Daytona USA 2001) --> Just gave the same composition information. I know nothing of the Dreamcast sound (namely, what Naganuma and Sugiyama did).

Daytona USA Circuit Edition --> Here (

Daytona USA 2 --> I only put whatever was in the booklet. More information can be gotten from here ( whenever scans come up.

Daytona USA 2001 --> Again, I know nothing except about what Naganuma and Sugiyama did. Composition credit goes to Mitsuyoshi where applicable in the same manner as in Daytona USA Circuit Edition

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