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Originally Posted by LiquidAcid View Post

Unrelated question: Is it known why Gust now mostly self-publishes their music and now longer uses Team-E for that?
I have absolutely no idea on it, as no clear regularity is seen in their publishing history, but my random thought is that Team Entertainments may not be just a game music label but also sometimes coordinates artists (Shimotsuki, Shikata, etc.) and produces vocal songs with them (on the song section of Atelier Elkrone official site, vocal songs from Shimotsuki and Mitose are marked as "produced by Team Entertainment"). That means Team-E owns the copyrights of the songs, and otherwise it'd get harder to release a Shimotsuki or Shikata vocal best regularly. So when Gust wants to feature those vocalists, they also have to listen to the willingness of Team-E, and then decides whether to let Team-E publish a whole album, or to get licenses of vocal songs from Team-E and self-publish their stuff via distributors like Frontier Works.

Then again, I know nothing about the professional side of this industry, and don't believe in my words ;p
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