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The stated reasoning for giving BGM 10 to Fujita too is that "the boss theme for that round, additionally, acts as a sister track," so I'm not really sure what the exact argument is.

Is it that Fujita composed the stage theme, so he must have composed the boss theme too? That clearly doesn't have to be true.

Or is it that BGM 10 is similar to BGM 9, so he must have composed both? Aside from the prominent snare hits on beats 2 & 4, I don't really think they're musically that similar, but I'll defer to our theoreticians.

Suffice it to say that I'd like to see some actual confirmation from Fujita that he wrote BGM 10 too, especially since he didn't say anything on the blog about writing boss music. Although you could arguably say BGM 10 is stage music, since it plays the whole time you're going up the elevator before fighting Rolento.
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