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is it really that hard to just say "thank you, but you forgot _ ?" Is it really that horrible just to ask people to be nice and polite? What's wrong with having manners here? People are so quick to criticism or troll but not in the slightest way be humble ;;
I'm sorry I don't fit your standards of being a rocket scientist. it really is not easy for me to find information, please understand that I am not as professional as you. I'm not leaving things empty because I'm lazy, it's because I just don't where to find it or what to do. I can't read Japanese or chinese so that just makes it worse.

I would gladly finish anything I submit if you give me the information. I try my best to find it first, but please don't expect me to be perfect like you. People do appreciate this db, so please appreciate the people who help add to it. complaining is not as encouraging to do better as being thankful, especially for voluntary chores.

If you want me to do better, TEACH ME. If you're fine with how I am now, then please just smile!
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