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Originally Posted by Arcubalis View Post
How is the soundtrack an afterthought because it's digital-only?
1) As far as I am concerned, a soundtrack which doesn't exist in a physical form isn't a real soundtrack. It's something that I can buy to make do while the physical product doesn't exist, but it's not what I find a completely satisfactory thing.

2) I never said the 'afterthought' comment was due to the form *only*. What makes the soundtrack 'afterthough' to me is the fact that there is very little actual detail about the soundtrack, and what is there is mostly geared towards the appearance of the soundtrack within the game. I do, of course, realize that soundtracks are made to complement a game, or movie, or whatever other media, but for me, soundtrack must be able to stand as a separate existence (as in, I will happily buy a game which I will never pay just to get the soundtrack which I can enjoy separately from the game).

I am not saying other people should do the same, and probably the people who want to actually play the Ghost Police game will see the impact of the proposed soundtrack differently, but this is how I see the project at the moment. I would be happy to be proven wrong and see the birth of a new musical classic, but at the moment, I don't expect that to happen.
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