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Originally Posted by docnano View Post

That said, the beautiful Sample Modeling brass instrument demos give me hope that physical modeling will solve some of the challenges for faithfully reproducing winds and bowed string instruments, and in a few cases already has. Their strings and flutes are a little weaker, and still sound a bit "synthy" to me.

Are you aware of any complete packages of orchestral instruments (including ensembles) using the physical modeling approach? Sample Modeling sounds great in general, but the catalog isn't yet complete, and purchasing all of their instruments would be over $1000 I think.
I haven't tried the flutes yet. I am a sax player, and nothing is as good as the real thing for me, but the Sample Modeling stuff sounds better than one can expect--it has been quoted many, many times that the saxophone is the most difficult instrument to sample/model because it is actually the closest instrument to the human voice in terms of the way it resonates!

Maybe the flutes are better than the demos you heard, it really depends on what type of controller the person performing used. A breath controller is an absolute must for these instruments, and not all of them are up to snuff, and I can tell you that this can be a major factor in how the instrument sounds. For example, some breath controllers take a sample of your wind velocity (note:not gas!) more frequently than others, and consequently can more accurately imitate the many, many variations in air flow over the course of a second.

As far as I know, Sample Modeling is the only company out there doing real instruments like these. It should (perhaps) come as no surprise though if you are familiar with the history of samples that Peter Sedlacek himself developed these VSTi's, so given that information, I wouldn't be surprised if there was an entire collection out there.

I will say, having played with a lot of brass players, the trombone and trumpet can really fool my ear, and that's not easy to do...
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