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Originally Posted by nextday View Post
The IMAGINE composers are woefully under-worked these days. It's nice to see any of them getting a score to themselves.
Yes, do you remember times when Hamaguchi scored almost each season one anime series...

Originally Posted by nextday View Post
Iwasaki's last 3 shows didn't get soundtrack releases. Hopefully this one is different!
What an interesting news. I was just recently browsing imagine site if there is any new project by Iwasaki and look at this!
I liked music from Momo-kyun sword and Knight´s Area (collaboration with Inai) shame that there weren´t soundtrack releases.

Don´t have big expectation for Urahara as anime show, but I hope that Iwasaki will give us again massive slap bass driven funky tracks like in Getter Robo Armagedon.
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