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Hey there. What you did is quite cool and useful.

However, something that strikes me is your weird grouping of 1/8 notes, like in "Music Box". Imho it would be much better readable if you grouped them in a usual way (like 4 + 4) and, if at all, put an accent on the first notes of the current grouping. I see why you put them like that, but - to me - that's super-unusual. (Also, it doesn't fit the rythm in the 7th bar.)

Furthermore, in "Airship", you've left out most of triplets' "3"s (which looks a bit like the unusual way of grouping 1/8 notes again).

Nevertheless, your score is very nice and I fully appreciate it. Aside from that: Cute front and back covers. Maybe I'll print it in colors?

[It would be even better if the entries in the table of contents were linked to the respective pages of the document.]

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