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Default How-To - Scan uploading


Here's a complete guide on how to upload scans directly to the database.

1) When you are on an album page, click the Edit link.

2) A dropdown menu will appear, choose Manage Covers.

3) You'll be redirected to a new page where you can upload pictures, and modify the captions of existing scans.
To upload new scans, click on the Select Files button.

4) An explorer window will open. You'll have to browse your computer for the pictures you want to upload.
I advice you put the covers for the album on the same directory. Even better if you "prepared" them in the good order, it's easier.

5) Select the pictures you want to upload. You can choose up to 10 images at a time.
If there are more than 10 pictures to upload, select and valid the 10 pictures, and repeat step 3) & 4) until you have selected all the pictures.

6) Pictures will be added in a queue, waiting for you to name them before the upload.
For each picture, click the dropdown menu to choose one of the most common captions.

7) On the dropdown menu, you can choose one of the several caption, the first picture is set by default if there was no existing scans, it's generally the very first "image" you see of the package (most of the time, the Front cover)

8) If the caption from the dropdown menu is not enough, you can fill the text box at its right, giving more precision (ex: the booklet page numbers/order)

Be sure to choose the captions for all the pictures and fill the text boxes if needed before continuing.

9) Once all the captions are ok, you can add credits to the whole set of pictures you are uploading. All the pictures will be credited to the name and URL you enter here.
This is optional, by default there will be no credits at all.

10) You are now ready to upload all the pictures, click the Start All Uploads button.

11) All the pictures will be uploaded to the database server one by one.
Depending on many factors, including the size and numbers of pictures, it can take up to several minutes to upload everything.
Be sure to not reopen the manage covers page for the same album while you'r uploading pictures, it can create some loss on the captions & credits you previously entered.

12) Once all the pictures have been uploaded, you still can edit the captions you previously entered, on the left part of the screen. You can rename the pictures, add or remove credits by editing the text boxes.

13) If you think everything is ok, you'r now done! Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the scan's list on the left part of the screen.

I Advice to not open more than once at a time the Manage Covers page for an album.

Did you forgot a picture ? Something wrong ?
You can now edit all the captions and upload additional covers by going back to step 1)

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