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Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
Do we have a problem with adding Square Enix as the publisher, when a new album with the SQEX stem but no publisher information is added by casual submitters?).
I guess that technically we should be careful about this as well. I think that in most cases, the publisher is pretty clear, but the distributor might not be known until someone posts the Obi or Back scan.

Originally Posted by Ira View Post
This is true, we don't, which creates an issue with searching similar to the one that has been brought up (only effects multidisc albums though, and searching for the first part of the catalog number works.) So, the question is do we want to make '[STEM]-[CAT#]' the standard formatting for catalog numbers? If yes, we should keep LC the way it is, if no they should be fixed.
It seems like we're leaning towards this, though perhaps some of these things should be resolved with a vote.

By the way, now that each disc has its own catalog number, I need to work on a way to incorporate these into the search, so that you can search on the second disc's catalog number and still find the album. One way to do it is to cache all of the disc catalog numbers in the album table. The other is to modify the searches to join with the media table, but I don't know how much overhead that would incur.
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