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Originally Posted by Ramza View Post
1) I'm total unsure of 26. The kana "Eua" (a bastardized form of "Eva"?) makes no sense to me. I took this one to multiple J-E bilingual friends and they were like "um..."
It's definitely supposed to be Evá. The booklet gives for 26 the alternative title "orá! ~Der rufet dem Evá?".
Like Track 1, this again is an allusion to the passion of the Christ according to Matthew. "Der rufet dem Elias!" (prophet Elias who in this context embodies God) roughly translates to "He's calling on Elias!". Though, they formed the exclamation to a question. The lyrics also contain some fragments of the passion like "helft mir klagen", et cetera.
"orá" could mean something like the hour of death is near since they're talking about light (seeing a light -> dying -> ascending to heaven) in the japanese title. At least some critical event.
However, this is all speculation.

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