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Yoko Kanno
What can I say? She knows how to write a song. How many composers out there jump between Bossa Nova, Flamenco, multiple varieties of Jazz, Trip-Hop, Reggae, Shoegaze, Industrial Rock, Classical etc. between their soundtracks? I love her variety.
Favourite Works: Terror In Resonance, Ghost In The Shell S.A.C.

Hiroyuki Sawano
I know he gets hated on a lot on here and I certainly won't deny him his faults, but goshdarnit, I like his stuff. No one else does quite what he does. Plus the production on his albums is always impeccably perfect. There's always so much happening in his songs, but there's never a sound out of place in the mix.
Favourite Works: Kill La Kill, Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress, Aldnoah Zero

Taku Iwasaki
I love his willingness to experiment. I'm always impressed that every soundtrack he's done has its own distinct vibe, while still always sounding like Taku Iwasaki.
Favourite Works: Gurren Lagann, Jormungand, Akame Ga Kill!

Yuki Kajiura
She's simply a master of creating ambience.
Favourite Works: Basically anything she's done for Ufotable or Shaft/Akiyuki Shinbo.

Makoto Yoshimori
I'm not sure what it is, but I can't imagine this guy playing his songs without a smile on his face. Whether it's a gentle smile or something more manic, I can't imagine this guy not enjoying his job. Some of his tracks can honestly be downright annoying, but it's worth it for the rest of it. He's also made some legitimately unnerving tracks and I really want him to do a horror/psychological thriller show. And he's definitely unique, that's for sure.
Favourite works: Bacanno!, Durarara!!, Kuragehime

Yasushi Ishii
He's only done three anime, and I honestly don't know how well the soundtracks actually go with the shows, but man are those three soundtracks fun albums. Lots of 70s influenced rock, some Trip-Hop, Electronics, all laden with top notch production and ton of fun studio effects. He also has a ton (over 200) of songs available for free download from his blog. I recommend checking it out.
Favourite Works: Hellsing, Darker Than Black, Drifters, which is all of them...
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