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Default 32DH-5277: Blue Blink ~Music Compilation~

Changed “Music Collection” (音楽集 Ongakushu) to “Music Compilation” (音楽篇 Ongakuhen).

I think VGMdb should normalize these terms. For instance if we do a search for the term ”音楽集” on VGMdb the results will be: Ongakushu, Ongaku-shu, Ongaku Shu or Music Collection… so, what should we use?

And if we search for “音楽編” the results will be: Ongakuhen, ongaku-hen, ongaku Hen, BGM, Music Collection (which it’s a term already in use for 音楽集 in VGMdb), Music Edition, Music Compilation or simply omitted… … what should we use?

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