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Default The ETHEReal String Project

This is frustrating, trying to update the tracklist but it's just not working.

01 Fang's Theme (for String Orchestra) [from "Final Fantasy XIII"] 4:03
02 Secunda (for String Quintet and Piano) [from "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"] 7:48
03 Ancient Stones (for String Quintet and Piano) [from "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"] 4:46
04 Trisection (for String Orchestra) [from "Final Fantasy Tactics"] 5:31
05 Eruyt Village (for String Orchestra and Piano) [from "Final Fantasy XII"] 3:04
06 I Was Lost Without You (for String Ensemble and Piano) [from "Mass Effect 3"] 3:40
07 And Thus Fate Becomes Cruel (for String Orchestra) [from "Heroes Of Mana"] 5:18
08 Eternity ~ Memories of Light and Waves (for Piano and String Orchestra) [from "Final Fantasy X-2"] 6:01
09 Honor, Sacrifice, Glory: Variations On Themes From Halo 2 (for String Orchestra) 4:36
10 Still Alive (for String Orchestra) [from "Mirror's Edge"] 4:39
11 Tactical Espionage Suite (for String Orchestra) [from "Metal Gear Solid 2"] 9:02
12 The Forest Of Awakening (for String Orchestra and Piano) 3:14
13 Sulyya Springs (for Viola and Piano) [from "Final Fantasy XIII"] 5:18
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