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Default SVWC-7008: THE LEGAIA Original Soundtrack

I added scans of everything in the original album except the obi, which for some odd reason was absent (I had originally remembered buying this without opening it, but when I found it, it had been opened and the obi wasn't present). Still, everything else should be there. I didn't want to be the one to delete someone else's images, so tell me if that's an alright thing to do for when new images have been uploaded.

Like always with me, I've gone over the tracklist while I'm here, trying to identify names that should be Americanized so to speak, and just other things that may be off about an old tracklist. This one seems to date back to 2007 so maybe there are a couple things to consider.

In track 6, 夕映えのリムエルム just... can't mean night requiem. Definitely nothing about a requiem, barely anything about night. Actually, the exact characters for "Rim Elm" are present again in this name. It seems to be something like "The Glow of Rim Elm's Sunset", but that may be too literal, or just inaccurate. Still... something's off.

In track 15, Bairon would be Biron here. Also, perhaps "Warrior Monks" and not "Priests", since we have 僧兵 (souhei, basically soldier priest) and they're called Warrior Monks in English. I made these changes.

Track 19: 推参 is really "first appearance"?

Track 25: PLEASE somebody help me, lmao. 風来獣車 makes no sense. Absolutely none at all. Something about wind, a beast, come / comes / coming, and... a car? I'm lost ;__;

In Track 31, Teague would be Tieg here (I changed this).

In track 34, there's a second part of the title, 気高き悪魔. "Sublime devil"?

Track 35, ノアル is "noaru", which sadly enough is the name of this song's area in the game, the Noaru Valley. Haha. I changed it.

I don't want to make any major translation changes, but track 34 definitely seems to have something missing, and some of the others do seem wrong even with my limited knowledge (unless Night Requiem is an artistic interpretation...?).

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