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Omnom, make sure that you visit and offer another comment. There were significant changes made already based upon comments in recent threads, but which have not yet been released to production. As you can see, the number of things on the front page is reduced, and the song details pages are changed around.

The one issue with this design is the playlists. Playlists popping out of the bottom right is an unworkable idea, because they are associated with each grid. It would take 20 hours or more to extricate playlists like that and more to design a new interface, and I'm sure everyone will agree the opportunity cost of that is too high. Furthermore, songs would stop playing as the user browsed to other pages, while now playlists continue as the user browses.

The other things in the designs are not difficult with the coding and can be tweaked more easily.

Also, I'm pretty much convinced that rebranding as is a must. If you were new to game music and knew nothing about video game remixes, which site would you go to based on domain alone? has expanded well outside of Square Enix's music, and so I think it's possible to start with and still accept originals. will simply redirect to and all URLs would remain working.
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