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Sorry, been here and there, but not much time to comment, so a couple of things.

The site you linked me to; idea-wise, I think KiddCabbage's is better. More navigationally friendly. So for the moment, that's what I'm thinking is best. If Foxx has a better idea, great.

Also, I'm pretty much convinced that rebranding as is a must.
Woah.... where'd that name come from? The problem is not with the word "site", but the word "remix". What's different in the intent with what you're suggesting exactly? "Remix" implies taking tracks already made and REdoing them. There's gotta be something more neutral to choose if you want a site that can do both without anyone being confused. Keep "game" and substitute "remix" for something else.

Just my opinion of course, and I realise this thread isn't necessarily about that, but there's a lot happening all at once, so sorry for going off topic.