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The reason for the proposed name is that there are two big keywords in the title, and because the domain name is so great. For example, it's not possible to get The site is currently listed as #13 in Google's search results for "video game music remixes," up from #15 last week. Eventually, we'll break into the front page. is probably a better domain even than when someone who knows nothing about remixes is searching for the first time. If we give up on remixes, the site is down to zero search engine traffic.

Myself, I would prefer moving immediately to a more general site name right away, but remixes are searching well.

The idea is that there is more search engine traffic for remixes than there is for originals. People who are searching for remixes would be brought to the site, which would also contain originals featured prominently but separately from remixes in an easy-to-access location (compared to now, where they are both in the same search results). We'll use publicity from the remixes to benefit the originals. Later, once originals become very popular, the originals can be split off to a different domain entirely.

I don't see this idea as abandoning originals, just as focusing on what's popular now. Most traffic to the site now is coming for remixes, and then people download originals that they see on the front page. I think that the domain is too good to pass up and that moving solely to originals too soon would result in a missed opportunity. Please, feel free to completely trash my idea if you disagree.
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