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Hahah, before I made that post I actually looked for possible site names such as, so I guess you're kind've of the same mind as me. No, I'm not looking to trash your ideas, sorry if it seemed that way. So far, you're on the up and up despite what some people say, and there are people (I'm trying to organise the time to post proper tracks on your site, so I haven't posted anything yet, sorry) who are really helping to make your site something. Infact, if anything, your site is helping me and others more, as up-and-coming composers, than we could hope to do on our own.

At the end of the day, it's just a name. But if you put any thought into a name, I would think the main focus is to describe what it is. People will make assumptions based on the name alone. Just as they'll make assumptions based on the appearance, etc., as I'm sure you agree. It's all about getting past those assumptions so people can see the real site, or you, or us. So any site, dedicated to music, that has the word "remix", "remixes", "covers", etc, in it's web address, is less enticing to me as a composer, but more enticing to a remix-artist or cover artist.

A site called something like "OriginalGameMixes", encourages both. Something like that says, "we want original game music artists" and "we want remixers of game music". It also says "we're approachable, but serious" to me, but that's prob just me, lol.

"gameremixes" is okay, and doesn't hurt in any way, but it's no different to "remixsite" either, so what's the real point? You want to keep the remixers and invite the original artists, yeah? As you said, most of the traffic already comes from remixers. So we can safely change the name from their direction to another and still keep them on. I don't think you'd lose people from not having the word "remix" in there, "mix" is prob enough... hell "game" is prob enough.