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Default MJCAX-00006: Virtua Striker & Virtua Striker 2

Potential JASRAC credits:

Hideaki Miyamoto: 2, 4~6, 17~23, 26, 35
Fumio Ito: 7~16, 33, 34, 36
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi: 24, 25, 27~32
uncredited: 1, 3

The music is not registered with JASRAC with the game or album name. With most of the tracks that's not a problem, because they have code names like "vs1adv1c2long" that are easily identifiable. However, the titles of tracks 1~6 aren't very distinctive. Hideaki Miyamoto has tracks named "Continue," "Goal Replay," "Goal Rush," and "Selector" without a game title registered, but there's no guarantee they're from Virtua Striker. Couldn't find anything for tracks 1 and 3.

Also, a few of the VS2 tracks seem to be arrangements of other tracks (17~22, 33~35).
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