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Default KICA-44: Yoroiden·Samurai Troopers Kaze

Link Anison:

But there's a mistake, Takashi Kudou is credited as composer for the first song, but I have this CD and in fact this is Tomohiro Nishimura who is credited in the booklet (as for track 14). Takashi Kudou doesn't appear too in the list of the composers on the case back. In fact, credits for track 1 & 14 are identical.

I put "arrangement" in the classification because the song 5 "DEAD END LOVE" is an arrangement of "Stardust Eyes", the first TV opening theme.

Also, this album is one of the 4 printed albums (and connected) during the release of the OVA Yoroiden Samurai Troopers Message, and so represents the OVA too.

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