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Originally Posted by CHz View Post
I think a few booklet scans may be missing, unless the liner notes are incomplete. I'm guessing there's a page missing between Booklet 2 and Booklet 3 and another between Booklet 3 and Booklet 4.

EDIT: Also I have no idea what 真・三國志事典 in the section header of track 2.20 means or refers to. It's clearly related to Shin Sangokumusou/真・三國無双, but I couldn't figure out anything beyond that.
I am sorry to reply a 2-year-old post. 真・三國志事典 means "True" Sangokushi a bonus track I don't think it has other meaning.

*Mahito Yokota said this is the unmixed original version of LONG TIME AGO.
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