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The Ninja Warriors Again -This already exists as "disc in natsume", it features Snes kiki kaikai on the same CD.
I'm surprised to see Chaindive mentioned, that game has made me a fan of Technouchi the composer.

I would like:
Alcahest - Arcana - Bomberman 64 Second attack - Verytex - Rockman & Forte (either Sfc or Gba) - Iridion 2 - Earthbound (the only release has cut down, and missing tracks) - Paper mario thousand year door - Illusion of gaia - Macross scrambled valkyrie - Ristar - Air Zonk - Sutte hakkun

These can be listened to by playing the game disc in a CD player, but I still want a standalone release
Sonic 3D blast
Lords of thunder

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