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Originally Posted by Datschge View Post
The current design of vgmdb is essentially optimized for a width of around 1024px. With 2543px (that's an odd number) you are using far above Full HD width in your screenshots, so of course there's bound to be underutilized space (I'd personally suggest to zoom in honestly). One comparably easy CSS fix that is to have the boxes set as inline-blocks that can line up horizontally sufficient horizontal space permitting.
I run 2560x1440x2 on my home PC and it is for this reason that I run my browser in half-width snap mode so it only takes up 1280x1440. If you don't want to zoom the page, just use Windows edge snapping by dragging the window to the corner to make it either 1x1 (one quadrant), 1x2 (two quadrant vertical).

On my wishlist for forever would be to make the Notes section use a monospace font. It would make readability much better and it would allow people to more easily align elements if they try to match the insert formatting (which I have all but stopped trying to do for a few years because of this).
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