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It's been revealed today that Unisuga had already left the sound team in 2020, and fully departed from Falcom on July of 2021. I've verified this with a private party and it's true, he actually left on July 15 of this month.

In a way, it's exactly what I've been secretly wishing for the last three years, but... I have no words to express my dejection and disappointment. Unisuga was pretty much the only thing that kept me attached to Falcom and his music means the world to me personally, so him leaving is probably the nail in the coffin for me. He's a real talent, the prospect of him fading away is extremely disheartening.

I hope we hear more of him in the future. Regardless of what he chooses or decides to do, thank you for all the wonderful music. You will always be my VGM hero.
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