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Originally Posted by Phonograph View Post
(actually, I still think that "if no regular edition available, any limited stuff mustn't be tagged as limited" policy is dumb, sorry if I awakened a sleeping monster)
My rationale is that there must be a difference between "限定盤" and "限定生産盤", the former can be translated as a limited edition and normally accompanies with a regular edition, but the latter would be more like "a limited-production disc", and is called as such by record companies to tell customers "please buy it until it's sold out! come on!", rather than "we publish another edition that might interest you".

There are a number of albums that are somewhat limited in production ("1000 copy only" or such), but we don't call them as limited editions. So, even though some companies dare to call limited run products as such, I don't find it so logical to classify things based on how publishers are advertising stuff.

Also, everyone is given a place and opportunity to express their opinions and we'd always try to respect and listen to them, especially it's civil. There might have been some decisions that didn't make me the happiest, but I still don't call it dumb.
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