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Originally Posted by Phonograph View Post
limited numbers of copies isn't limited? so why using "limited" if it's not limited (speaking about companies, supposed to be professional in music industry unlike vgmdb staff -no offense btw)
This album was also manufactured by professionals but apparently was not called as an limited editions by them just because it was limited in numbers. If companies don't make things consistent, then it's our task to do so.

Originally Posted by Phonograph View Post
edit: there is the Gintama BEST if you want an example why it shouldn't be used
Gintama Best seems to have a regular edition release, so there is no problem with labeling the other one as a limited edition. That's not the case with these Bleach albums, right?

All that being said, I'm okay that we're going to classify every limited-run album as limited editions if that makes people more convinced. Most of VGM albums are actually sort limited though...
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