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Originally Posted by Phonograph View Post
my bad, I need to add info about that gintama best I'm speaking of
if I speak about this album in particular that's because for months (maybe some years), best 1 limited was the only album available making this album not "limited edition" in vgmdb till a regular edition finally appeared some months ago
with that info, can you be sure limited run albums will never get a regular edition? (no need for answering that)
I know you don't need an answer, but I once brought this subject to discuss about how to deal with Frontier Works drama albums, plenty of which were initially released as a first press limited edition (literally) with a bonus track featuring talks from voices actors. Not really many members were interested in the discussion, but I think we didn't take a later printing for granted, since nobody knows, at the stage of only knowing a 'supposedly preceding' release, if it would eventually come.

Meanwhile, it's more than fine to add info on limited production in the note field, unless it ever hurts quality of your entries.
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