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Default TwinBee 3: Poko Poko Daimaou (#3972)

It looks like this is another Konami game with two different sets of staff credits for the same people - one using aliases and the other the 'initial dot surname' formatting. As far as I can tell what determines which credits you'll get is a difficulty setting in the options menu, namely the てき の つよさ (enemy strength) setting.

If you choose らくらく ("easy") you get the following sound credits:
youtube link


and for the harder じごく (hell) setting you get:
youtube link

A. ふじお (A. Fujio)
H. ふなうち (H. Funauchi)
K. すずき (K. Suzuki)

Since Sukenomiya is a previously known alias for Atsushi Fujio this should serve as sufficient proof as to the identities of the other two aliases as well (I see no reason why they wouldn't be ordered the same way in both credits).

Furthermore the 'Dog-Man' alias linked to Jun Funahashi is credited in the Thanks section of the easy mode credits, however this specific credit is not present in the hell mode credits for some reason.
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