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FYI, Google sent me an E-Mail out of the blue saying that they would give me a $50 AdWords credit because I had stopped advertising with them when news of the salary cuts hit. I'm not sure why they give away free advertising like that, but I'm not going to argue.

It has to be used by March 15, so it will start tomorrow and run through the weekend. You can expect 200 new absolute unique visitors based on past trends. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your songs. Remember, you get 3 points just for uploading a song, so you should have enough points to place bids just by uploading a few more songs.

Also, beginning tonight, you can place non-integer bids. It seemed pointless to require people like Kidd Cabbage to bid one point when there were no other bids.
Now you can embed your songs in forum posts and webpages just like this image! Click the image to find out how!