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Originally Posted by WarpToken View Post
Anyone can upload songs and then promote them with their XP. It doesn't make it feature material, just hyped.

It makes the song *both* because they mean the exact same damn thing in this context. The only difference is that the world "hyped" sounds absolutely retarded - like it belongs on the front of a teenage girl hip-hop website.

Do I need to consult the dictionary again? How about the thesaurus?
Main Entry: featured
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: promoted
advertised, displayed, highlighted, recommended

"Featured" means exactly the same as any of these other words - it just doesn't sound like something only a jackass would say. The site isn't in any omgdanger of the "Featured songs" taking over RemixSite and dominating all the other poor entries on the site any more than a "Promoted song" would.