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Originally Posted by WarpToken View Post
You want it to sound better than it is. I'm not saying your music isn't good, but come on.

Since you're the only one doing it, maybe we should call it Kidd Cabbage's Garden of Hot Hits.

Jesus - is that why you're against it? You think I just want *my music* to seem like it's way better than everyone else's? You realize that EVERYONE can promote their songs, right? And you know that I have LESS THAN TWO experience points to work with for promotions.

This isn't about me and my music being better than everyone else's, and it's not about anyone else having their music "sounding better" than yours, or whatever other out-to-get-you ideas you always seem to have in your head. It has to do with picking a name that actually sounds catchy and not retarded, but either way, it's Quintin's choice, and I really didn't think "Stuff that's being promoted right now" or whatever the hell it said was the best choice of words.

And Muurg, if you'll take a look at the thesaurus entry... "promoted" wasn't a synonym for "featured," it was the damned definition of it.