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OVA / film / series (rather than just "TV", there are internet-released series) for anime would be nice. Other suggestions:

- Clarifications/guidelines about albums of games with ports (for other platforms).
I would *not* list ports ever, only the platform(s) the album was intended for. The current FF3 NES / DS example is misleading since the games are different.

Take The Last Remnant, an Xbox 360 game (the album has its music). Later a PC port came, and there may be an unreleased PS3 port. But we have "Xbox360, PC, PS3"... Misleading and unuseful... it's like listing "virtual console". (this has been done mostly for older albums though).
If a game (ex. Bayonetta) is released for two systems at the same time, it's ok to list both (Xbox 360, PS3).

Similarly another thing to point out, Bayonetta has some old Outrun tracks and such, but are intended (and used!) for Bayonetta, no sense listing Outrun/arcade as the platform.

- Trimming/reordering of the list.
The list drives me nuts. PS2? Sure, find it near +60 systems. So let's remove or put the less useful ones at the bottom. Gizmondo... wut? or the euro-pcs (amiga, spectrum...) unlikely to be used anymore. Some could be condensed into just "Others". I'd rather have simply "slot machine", Google the game if you must know.

Maybe "smartphone" for iPhone/HTC/n-gage/etc could be added if "Mobile" isn't enough.

List of the less relevant systems:

Amstrad GX4000 [0 games]
Apple Pippin [0]
Atari 2600 [only ports?]
Atari 5200 [1]
Atari 7800 [1]
Atari Lynx [1]
Atari XEGS [0]
Casio Loopy [0]
Commodore MAX Machine [0]
Nintendo Virtual Boy [0]
Nokia N-Gage [1]
Pioneer LaserActive [0]
Playdia [0]
Tapwave Zodiac [0]
Tiger Gizmondo [0]
Watara Supervision [0]

Microsoft MSX -> MSX (rename: heresy, Microsoft didn't really make or own it)
Microsoft MSX2 -> MSX2 (rename)
SNK Neo-Geo CDZ -> remove (minor HW revision of the NG CD, no exclusive games)
SNES (Super Famicom) -> Nintendo SNES (Super Famicom) (rename, just so it's listed near other Nintendo systems)
Sega Nomad [0] -> remove (portable variation of Sega Genesis)
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