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Artist: 根本進一郎 (violin player) = Shinichiro Nemoto
Source 1 (MPN, as usual)
Source 2 (Drillspin profile)
Source 3 (It's not the first time that I use this album's credits as source)

Artist: 益田みどり (violin player) = Midori Masuda
Source 1 (Drillspin profile)
Source 2 (The always useful MPN reference)

Artist: 岩岡昌義 (horn player) = Masayoshi Iwaoka
Source 1 (Member of the Japanisch-Deutschen-Horn-Club)
Source 2 (Same source but translated into english. I think this source it's pretty accurate, the romanization of the musician names are consistent with other sources)

Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl The Movie: 'The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark' Music Collection
Artist: 沢頭尊志 (guitar player) = Takashi Sawagashira
Source 1
Source 2

Professor Layton and the Last Specter Original Soundtrack
Artist: 藤美智子 (flute player) = Michiko Toh
Source 1 (CHz almost got it right, at least he was nearer than me. Also credited here)

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