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Originally Posted by zzeroparticle View Post
For Jormungand's benefit, I can list 6 games that Mitsuda's written for with the other two that isn't Xeno-related or Chrono-related being Legaia Duelsaga and Sailing to the World.
Sailing to the World (the CD version, anyway), has two pretty awesome battle themes. You might check that out. You should also have a listen to:

Tsugunai: Battle Level 2, Battle With the Devil
Shadow Hearts: China Ogre
Shadow Hearts 2: Battle With the Fallen Angel
Armodyne: Strike from Behind
World Destruction: main battle theme
Inazuma Eleven: Activate Burning Phase
Arc Rise Fantasia: In Order to Know the Conclusion
Deep Labyrinth: main battle theme, boss battle

I'm also surprised you don't care for any of the battle music in XG, XS, or CC. Especially CC's FATES and Dragon God or XS's main battle theme.
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